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Company Has Tremendous Potential to Affect the National and Local Home Building Industry

(STEVENSVILLE) Feb. 13, 2012—Stevensville, Md-based NEXUS EnergyHomes, Inc., is the winner of the EnergyValue Housing Award® 2012 Builder of the Year, announced during the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fl last Wednesday. The EnergyValue Housing Award (EVHA) honors builders and remodelers who voluntarily incorporate energy efficiency in the design, construction and marketing of homes.

Nexus’ was one of seventeen builders in the nation nominated for the 2012 Builder of the Year. The nominees were judged on the merits of the homes’ design, construction and value. As they considered all facets of each nominee’s home production, the NAHB Research Center reported that their final decision to award Nexus EnergyHomes as the 2012 Builder of the Year came when they realized that the company, while relatively new to the business, has “enormous potential to affect both the local and national home building industry.”

The Builder of the Year award affirms the company’s vision to successfully integrate exceptional energy performance, attention to detail, and cost and energy value under one roof. “We are thrilled to be singled-out as the overall winner among so many energy-efficient home builders with such a prestigious award,” Murphy says.

The EVHA Builder of the Year award is managed by the NAHB Research Center (NAHBRC) in partnership with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Building America Program, and National Renewable Energy Program (NREL). In announcing Nexus’ win the group said they also considered the company’s extensive pre-build strategic planning and research as, “an indication that the company is dedicated to doing things right the first time.” Additionally, they reported the post-construction review and testing that led Nexus to strive for further improvements, “shows that the company is not content to remain stagnant with respect to energy efficiency and the quality of their construction.”

Nexus’ staffers report that when Paul Zanecki, Nexus’ president, reviews any of his company’s plans, his next question is always, “how can we continually innovate?” “I want to make homes that are better in every way—integrating all the best performing technologies under one roof. Until that vision is realized, I keep pushing,” Zanecki says.

Nexus also won the EVHA New Homes Gold Award for Production in Moderate Climate. In consideration of that win, an EVHA judge said, “This is the whole package. [It contains] high quality materials, outstanding energy efficient features, and incredible marketing. It is an outstanding and comprehensive package.”

Nexus is one of the few homebuilding companies in America that has received certification for achieving the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) “Emerald Certification”—the highest level of Green Building standards established by the NAHB. The first duplex-home built in their Frederick Maryland, North Pointe community received Emerald Certification in January, and the company has pending applications for five more homes built from the same model. Nexus Construction Division President, Mike Murphy says he hopes to make Frederick, the ‘Emerald City’ of Maryland.

Three years of intensive research and development in conjunction with the NAHBRC, resulted in an epiphany for Nexus that they were capable of delivering net-zero homes on a budget of $300,000 or less. They achieved this with the launch of their first community, targeting homebuyers who were looking for energy-efficient, affordable, new construction homes. The 59-home development, North Pointe, a GeoSolar Community in Frederick, Md. sold both model homes in the first two weeks of offering and ended 2011 with 16 lots under contract, six homes nearing completion, and a further eight pending building permits. Nexus is projecting a consistent 2012 sales pace, for this community, of one home per week, which has the potential of selling out North Pointe by years’ end at price points consistent with increased quality and demand. They also contracted to build single-family custom homes last year in Frederick, Centerville, and are set to build in communities reaching from Philadelphia, Pa to South Carolina.

About Nexus EnergyHomes

The NEXUS EnergyHome provides every new home-buyer with the opportunity to own a home that meets NetZero Standards —a home that offers the ability to be figuratively “off the grid” and produce as much energy as it consumes. After years of research and testing with the NAHB, and through Nexus EnergyHomes’ complex construction process using proprietary designs, innovative materials, and the very best of modern technologies, Nexus EnergyHomes is making a revolutionary change to the way homes are constructed in America. NEXUS EnergyHomes is the first company to make these technologies work in perfect harmony in a single family home, and at a rate no different than other homes currently on the market.

By combining the application of innovative “GeoSolar” energy production, and effective energy-saving building techniques, and utilizing a proprietary “NexusVision Smart Systems” web-based, energy-usage monitoring and control system, each “Nexus EnergyHomes” homeowner has net-zero energy balance within their grasp. Using the earth as an inverse temperature conductor and the sun as a power source, NEXUS EnergyHomes utilize a combination of geothermal (ground sourced) heat pumps, photovoltaic solar panels, super insulated building shells and state-of-the art electronic and web-based controls and monitoring systems. All household electrical equipment and appliances are Energy-Star rated. NEXUS’ entire electrical system is tied to the electrical or utility grid for “net metering”. Power is produced during periods of sunshine and drawn from the grid at night, or in periods of extensive cloud cover, in order to produce annual, zero or near zero grid electricity demand “Off the Grid”.

The company’s certifications and affiliations include: National Association of Homebuilders; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star designation; Indoor Air PLUS Qualified Homes (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); Building America Program (U.S. Department of Energy)

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